the blue ridge project

You handsome and/or beautiful person. You've almost made my year.

All you have to do is fill out the little boxes down below and you'll be sent irregular updates on The Blue Ridge Project (Release Date: May 6 2016)

To sweeten the deal, you'll also get a FREE EBOOK: Junk Mail Poetry Volume One!

Robots, in an attempt to bypass spam filters, collected and arranged freely available text from a range of sources including books, news reports and already existing poems. They then scrambled and hid this text in emails trying to sell "male enhancement pills," and inadvertently created some rather intriguing verse. I've featured some on my blog before, but this arrangement has new photography, as well as extra poems which have never been published, all of which are prefaced with musings on the state of the modern artificial intelligence sales era and other nonsense. And it can be yours, FREE, just by signing up below.

What's more, I'm putting together a collection of short and flash fiction, and guess what? I'll be sending you that for free too.

Go on, why not?

junk mail poetry volume one
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