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Each issue includes a great book giveaway, tips for writers, book recommendations, and harrowing tales from the front-lines about things like:

* How Much of this is True? And other questions authors dread.
* The helicopter parenting of baby book: What not to do in your book's first year

* Writing sex scenes when you're a mother of teen-agers
* The mania of the year end "best of" lists
* The good, the bad and the mortifying of the book tour
* The evolution of a book's cover (hint: sex sells)

As a signing bonus, you'll receive my Ebook about becoming an overnight publishing success in just 14 years: "Breaking Into Print: 100 Revisions, 100 Rejections, and an O. Henry Prize." The Ebook is a sort of primer for sending your work into the word and includes my first short story, "The Company of Men," along with the journey of revision and rejection that paved it's path to publication. Also included are a sampling of actual rejection letters and two appalling early drafts intended to provide encouragement
or at least entertainmentat the author's expense.

Jan Ellison


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