Protocol, denial, and ignoring are some of My FAVORITE fetishes.
  • Follow My rules and you'll be in My good graces.
  • Neglect of My protocols (e.g., incorrectly filled out forms) will simply be IGNORED.
Please review My PROTOCOL page to get a sense of what I expect, and what you can expect.

Have you reviewed My DEPOSIT page? You can't see me until you do.
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Please list any medical conditions, external or internal, physical or otherwise, incl. allergies, that may be relevant to our time together (e.g., surgeries, medications incl blood thinners, nerve or circulation issues, etc. - list not exhaustive).
List your references' contact info here. (If they have you under a different email address, please state that, too.)
Please list 3 or more preferred times, and rank them in order of preference.
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What thing(s) stood out over others for you?
years, months, regularly, on and off, etc.
(I will take your interests into consideration, but there are no guarantees. Ultimately, remember that you are serving Me.)
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