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to discuss your session with ChristinA for Healing, Energy Alignments, Spiritual Discussion/Life Coaching, Guidance, Sacred Sound Therapy, Sacred Site Visionary Healing and much more

Please visit my website and click on or hover over the tab
"Sessions with me" you will see just some of what I have on offer.  

I would like to offer you the opportunity to discuss with me how I can help you with growing your consciousness and amplifying your healing both personal and your healing abilities.  

And let's talk about how you can transform your life from ordinary to


Your first session with me will take an hour and include discussion and an energy alignment with an analysis of what is happening in your energy field right now..... this will include the speed/health of your etheric field and your chakra system and a full balance/alignment readying you for further upgrades.  We will discuss how I can help you and how LUXOR Light can help you.

This first session is offered at a super low fee of $70/ hour
Pay Here  

and $110 for 1 hour and half .  (1 hour and half recommended)
Pay Here

Subsequent sessions will be $98 per hour and $128 for 1 hour and half.

Contact me now to book your first session!

PS please write $70/hour or $110 hour and half Skype Session so I know what the session is for.

Awesome Blessings to you 


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