Whoot! Whoot!  Are you ready for a new read? 

A Romance Novella by a.isoble

"Don’t tell me what I can't do. I'll do it three times and take a picture!"

VANESSA DAVIS has to return home from Christian College to face her ex-deacon father to resolve some issues, but before she does is determined to fulfill her graduation bucket list first. She will experience an orgasm to something without batteries! No one will stop her last chance to rise before she's condemned back to a life of meek obedience.

SPIKE STEPHENS is not used to this crazy new Vanessa but will protect her at all costs, even from herself. Her father, president of their rogue MC, trusts Spike to bring her home safely through the latest border war chaos.

Black girl rising. Outlaw falling in love.

Vanessa knows the rules. She is off limits to Spike, not only because she's the boss's daughter, but their lifestyles are religiously worlds apart.

Have the years apart cooled the heat between Vanessa and Spike, or just simmered their differences to a blend that can now ignite?

I hope you enjoy my first Rise! Novella. a.isoble


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