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Marsha & Danny Jones - The 21st Century Sea-Going Incarnation of Nick & Nora Charles! 


Now that you are here enjoy a cruise thrill with each turn of the page...but keep your wits about you, there are killers, jewelry stores and chair hogs everywhere!

Watch for new releases of books in maritime history, Pirate Trials and THE SECOND SEASON in the Marsha & Danny Jones Thrillers. I'll be telling you about other books, special productions and of course, great giveaways! 

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time with questions or just to send along a recipe, a joke, an idea for an upcoming thriller or to tell me about your most interesting cruise. 

I have had quite a few folks comment to me, to my email address, or included in their reviews, that they found the Marsha & Danny Jones Thrillers to be fun, attractive, dangerously exciting and, for many who have never been on a cruise, a warning to stay home where it's a lot safer! 

So, why the terror stalking the Sea Empress?  A few years ago, when heading out to the pool deck and determined not to waste my time watching the waves - done that - or the OTHER fat people around the pool - done that too, I decided to cart along my laptop and write a book instead of reading one. I have been writing under deadlines and pressure for years covering news stories of people committing terror, crime, deprivation, murder, mayhem and leaving nothing but a mystery behind as to what in tarnation possessed them to do all that. Now, I decided, what the heck, I'll just make some good stuff up. 
Marsha & Danny Jones - The 21st Century Sea-Going Incarnation of Nick & Nora Charles! 

As I had been covering cops for years as they went from one crime scene to another I had a ready-made backlog of inspiration for characters as well as my admiration for the old Thin Man series of movies from the 1930's, the books of Dashiell Hammett, whom I admired, as well as the many cop shows from days of old to superb contemporary series like Justified.  Many times when reading a crime book or watching a movie, I would say to myself, I know what's coming next, or 'I could write that'. So, here it is. I have written that.  

I hope you enjoy my books and if you click below on the words "THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE" you will be able to download the first book in the series right now FREE for limited time, and not have to wait.  When you get the first book in the series, you will quickly learn that I provide a link in the book to also get the second book RETURN of the SEA EMPRESS, also FREE! 


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