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First: Dragon Saver!

In this short fantasy, Teryn has much more important things to think about than romance. She dodges lovesick suitors and the schemes of her matchmaking father as she pursues her dream of become a Real Heroine.   Along the way she makes all kinds of friends, including Ketera, a book-loving dragon. Join them in their adventures!

Second: Swept Off His Feet!

In this humorous take on romance, Paradise Tavish is set up, by her mother, on a date with strait-laced Cullen Trent. But Paradise isn’t ready to be set up with anyone, and when she hears that Cullen has a horror of “overbearing neatness in a woman” a devious plan is set in motion. Will Paradise be swept of her feet by romance…or will Cullen meet his doom at the end of a broom?

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This delicious fairytale art-print download, A Fairytale Proposal.

A pompous prince offers a magical peasant girl flowers...and a marriage proposal. Will she accept his hand or is she smart enough to see through him? Originally meant as an ebook cover, somehow it lay forgotten in my files for ages, and when I unearthed it again, I realized I really loved it, it just needed some touching up. So here it is again in all it's glory!

And there's still more!

Finally, in keeping with the fairytale royalty theme, I also have for you...

A Paper Doll Download, Princess Gwendolyn the Genie Paper Doll

Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be, what with palace intrigue, rules of proper etiquette, and overzealous  suitors. And when you offend the Great Jinn and get trapped in a bottle as a genie who must grant other's wishes...seriously could things get any worse? This Genie Princess comes with a stand, 2 head pieces, 10 princess dresses, and 2 genie outfits!

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