Dear Wild Heart,

I know you. 

You’re the writer working tirelessly on her next book, the artist who sees the world in technicolor. You’re the exhausted entrepreneur scrambling to push send on the newsletter before the dog's gotta go out. Again. 

You see things a little differently. Feel things a little differently. And you haven’t been happy with the way things have been going down on planet Earth for awhile.

It’s been hard to do your work in this sludgier, grayer world. Ideas and words don’t come as easily when the news cycle tick, tick, ticks like a bomb in the background. Hurry up, everything whispers. It’s all burning. 

This is a reminder.  

A periodic love note sent straight to your inbox to help you remember why you’re here. Essays, columns, practical tips to making your own map, and other surprises to help you unravel what you know about yourself, want to know about your work, and that deep longing to help the world stitch itself back together. 

All good things are wild and free. And you are so, so good.

Join me? 

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